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Writing Prompts! As mentioned in the Nov Newsletter

You can be featured on this blog even if you are not published.

Need to get started? Enter the writing prompts:

The first book that made me cry

The first book that I bought with my own money

The/A book that was gifted to me that I treasure

The book I give as a gift to practically everyone

The book I give as a gift to new parents

The/A book that changed my life

The/A book that really opened my eyes to something

Top 10 (Genre) books I recommend and why

My top 10 reads for 2021

My top 10 book covers for 2021

An author you should know about

Questions I have for readers

Questions I have for authors

Things I have learned through creative writing

Things I love to research about

So very many more topics! Hope this helps to get you started!

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