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February 2024

Wow! We are already a month into 2024 and it has been crazy busy for me.

How has the year started off for you?

Some things you can look forward to this year from this blog:

Featured Authors

  • Interviews

  • Promotions

  • Recipes

  • and More!

Book Reviews for Writers

  • Books I read and what key takeaways I get from an author's perspective.

Random Thoughts and Updates

  • Me being me

  • You following me on that journey

Top 10 Lists

  • All new

  • Useful info posts

  • To-Dos

  • Updates

  • and More!

Mountain Life

  • Living in a mountain community is pretty interesting

  • Things I am learning from living here

  • Tips, ideas, and more

  • Places to visit if you come this way

Writer Life

  • Thoughts on the industry

  • My personal journey

Featured Reader

  • Trying to get some readers to also post about reading!

So, what are you most looking forward to?

Am I missing a catagory you want to see?

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