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Why Should I Follow or Subscribe to Your Ream ?

This one is all about writing, so if you are interested in say the top 10 and other info sessions I post on occasion to this blog, that is what you will find there on the Tonya Nagle, PhD subscription.

The September North subscription offers a ton of reads already. The entire Drummond series to include Gen 2 is available there. In fact, Gen 2 is only available there and you get access to that entire library with the lowest subscription tier.

My entire backlist is up and many are in massive anthologies, so any tier you pick is going to give you a ton to read. If you want the newest pages for the Crossbow University series, you can only get that in The Bad is So Good Club (at least for right now).

Still, it costs nothing to follow and when you follow, you have access to the free reads I post. Sometimes those are old short stories I've had unlisted for years and sometimes it is the first chapter or sneak peek into something upcoming.

Come on over and see what all the fuss is about!

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