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Even as a young child, I would conjure up stories and write them down in journals. I have evolved in some ways, but remain the same in others. I have been writing professionally since 2004 when I was first contracted by a small press publisher. I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. 

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My Story

I'm from Louisville, Kentucky. I went into the Marines after high school and was honorably discharged a few years later. I met my spouse while on active duty and we lived a military life until his retirement. We now live in a cabin in the woods in Western, NC. Seriously, we've had to bear-proof the trash cans. 

The Cara North pen name was created in the writing lab when I was trying to find a way to write and publish romance at a time long before it was acceptable in the academic realm. Which is crazy when you think about it since a considerable amount of literature is...gasp...romantic! Anywhoo. I was in NC and the idea of saying Cara North from North Carolina would help someone remember the name. Thus, Cara was born and has become a part of my identity for over 18 years now.


Keeping with the North theme, my YA pen name is September and my non-romance fantasy and sci-fi pen name is Echo. This leads to consistency in the fiction realm and yet differentiates what to expect from the name.  

I have a goal of producing low-cost resources for writers. I promised my poor teenage self that if I could make writing affordable, I would. So, when you look at my Dr. Nagle resources, they are cheap because of that commitment to MYSELF when I couldn't afford to pay for resources, not because they are low quality.


I have a podcast and a YouTube channel that talks about writing and introduces you to a variety of authors. 


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