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Becoming One of Them

If you like:

  • Reverse harem romance with a gothic academy backdrop filled with paranormal and fantasy elements

  • Force of Nature female lead

  • The Alphahole with a sweet side

  • The Cinnamonroll with a dangerous side

  • The Geek with a wild streak

  • The Unknown  

Then you should enjoy this Kickstarter Special Edition ofBecoming One of Them

Authors Note: In the tradition of dark gothic romance, you will encounter the mysterious, outlandish, and possibly grotesque events that will hopefully have you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Please see the tropes and warnings. I aim to make you laugh (even if uncomfortably), cry (even if it's just one tear), angry (with the characters but that usually means you will be mad at me for writing that scene), warm (in places that intimate garments cover), tingly (probably in your hands and wrists from not being able to put this book down!), and so much more. 

If you walk away feeling like you can't shake Everstone Academy or the creatures within, well then, I've done what I set out to do with this one. 

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