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Reference Guide

Because every writer needs word of mouth for what works! 

Affiliate Disclaimer: Please be advised that I only share links to products, courses, etc. that I actually use. Affiliate links mean I may get financial compensation if you purchase an item from that link. 

Need an editor?

I do edit projects when I have space on my schedule. If you need information on edits, please contact me. 

Developmental edits: We will meet live via Zoom or Google to review the document, your needs, and then a price will be established. Developmental edits are very time consuming, require the author to be open to suggestions, and are some of the most painful edits any writer will endure. We have to be a good match for editing for that to work. 

Line edits: The manuscript should not require more than a handful of edits on any page. This is the manuscript you feel is ready for publishing without anyone taking the last look at it. This is why line edits are often the cheapest form of edits you can get. However, authors tend to think line edits should include developmental suggestions. I will not suggest revisions in a line edit. I will only fix grammar and punctuation. Pricing is based on word count. 

Beta Edits: Between developmental and line edits is the gray zone of editing work. It is not as expensive as developmental because you should have it all down pretty solid, and not as cheap as line because you still need an editor for more than grammar such as flow, context, and any missing pieces. It is a cross between beta reading and a basic edit. 

Coaching Sessions: I am a professional writing coach and have been conducting live sessions with writers for almost 4 years now. These are live events where we will go through your document in real time. These are $25 USD per hour so the amount of work that gets done in a session will vary based on your effort. 

Thanks for submitting!

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