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Thursday LIVE Podcast! Interview with Graphic Novelist Onrie Kompan!

Join us Thursday 5 March 2020 at 12 noon EST for the first live podcast! Join us as we talk about writing and creating graphic novels!

In the meantime, here is a little bit about him:

Tell us about you: Onrie Kompan is the Greatest Showman in Modern Comics! As the Creator/Writer/Producer of the YI SOON SHIN Trilogy and MARX: A TALE OF NEGLECT, Onrie has single handedly sold over 100,000 comics and graphic novels outside of the direct market. Operating on the floor of comic conventions worldwide, he is the only creator in history to tackle and complete the 1500 Comic Book Battle at six of the largest conventions in the US. A native of Chicago, Onrie is currently working alongside comics veteran David Anthony Kraft and a renowned film producer to bring YI SOON SHIN to the big screen.

Tell us about your work: YI SOON SHIN is based on a true story set in the late 1500’s. It tells the story of a warrior of real and epic proportions who is sworn by duty and honor to protect his people at all costs from the devastating and brutal Japanese regime that threatens to conquer his country. All that stood against an invading army of samurai was one man who could not be defeated in battle.

Tell us about the piece you are promoting: I am promoting my comic series, YI SOON SHIN and MARX. I just want to let people know what it is and where they can find it!

Where can we find you on Social Media? (links): Facebook: Onrie.Kompan, Twitter: @OKompan, Instagram: @okompan

Any live events you will be at this year? If so when and where/link if available: I will be at a number of comic conventions this year including but not limited to—C2E2, ECCC, Planet Comic-Con, Indiana Comic-Con, Mega Con, Awesome Con, East Coast Comic-Con, Comicpalooza, Heroes Con, SDCC, Wizard World Chicago, Dragon Con, Fan X Salt Lake, LA Comic-Con, NYCC, Baltimore Comic-Con, Grand Rapids Comic-Con.

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