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Setting the Stage

I’m not talking about the setting in your book. I’m talking about the space you write. A lot of people have weighed in on this topic. Most telling you what YOU NEED TO DO. The thing about writers and writing is simple: There is no ONE WAY to do anything.

Some people do their best writing in a public space with lots of things going on around them. Others need a room of their own and quiet to get words on a page.

If you have not found your “sweet spot” for writing your story, consider trying these out:

  1. Your closet. Yes, I realize that sounds crazy, but if you need quiet and privacy, chances are the clothing will help muffle the outside sounds and since you will not have a lot of space (unless you have a huge closet), and it will be less physically comfortable, you will be less likely to get tempted or distracted by the non-writing things such as your social media feeds which you can look at comfortably anywhere else.

  2. A corner or space in a room. Set up a desk for you and your writing needs.

  3. The kitchen. Maybe at the counter (standing desk style) or at the table (homework style).

  4. The library. Yes, there is still access to public libraries and you can take yourself there and find a quiet place to write. Plus, if you publish your book someday, those library workers may be of great help in getting the word out.

  5. Coffee shop. So many authors use this as their go-to place for writing.

  6. Practice for a sporting event. Maybe you are the primary transportation for someone involved in sports. Watch the games, write at practice.

  7. Your vehicle. A great spot when you are waiting.

  8. At work. On your break of course, but if you want to eat and avoid the water cooler gossip, tune out the co-workers and tune in to your story.

What are some of your favorite spots to write? Have you had to get creative with your space in order to find time to write?

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