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Review of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

I was gifted this book a few years ago. The first time I tried to read it, I got to the second chapter, put it down, and there is remained until January 2022. The reason I picked it back up was simple, fellow author and writing partner, MK Mancos said, "Let me know when you get to the one part."

Well, with such vague direction, I ended up reading the entire book and then asked, "Which part?"

She thought that was hilarious. I figured I knew which part.

Spoiler Alert-it is the part where feelings are revealed.

I liked that character the best, but with all the hype and build-up, I knew that was coming. It was not a shock reveal to me, but apparently, it was for most readers.

So, what I learned as a writer from this book is that I am not reading like a reader much anymore. I seem to do better when listening to audiobooks. I'm not as analytical. I'm not asking how many pages did this character get before it switched POV to someone else? In an audiobook, I can't evaluate those things.

Are there books I can get lost in? Sure. My own. I wish I could sometimes take the same critical eye and apply it to my own books. Maybe then the chapters in each POV would be evenly distributed or maybe none of them would. I don't know.

Still, this book did have several POVs and that alone is enough to remind you that you tell the story from the view that the reader needs. There is no right or wrong. It is you and your characters trying to get this information across to your readers.

Will everyone like that? No.

Should that stop you? Maybe.

Maybe, Dear Indie Author, because if you are trying to write to trend, trying to get into a NY publishing house, or trying to gather those adoring fans that authors such as Rainbow Rowell have (I am one of them. I loved Eleanor & Park -listened to it in audiobook, and Fangirl-another audiobook I listened to.), then you need to study those books that are selling and decide if your way is in fact the right way.

I do it my way. I also have published books with zero reviews on them. I have to work a full-time job because my writing does not pay my bills. Sometimes, my writing doesn't even cover the cost of my writing (those are scary times, when hard descisions get made, and when releases slow to a crawl becasue editing and cover art require funding).

Choose your path wisely.

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