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Top 3 favorite scenes and why with Sarena Straus.

I love the scene where Leandrea and Ward are first alone together in his room. They are both afraid and wary of each other, and they have both made completely wrong assumptions about each other. Now, they are stuck together for a few hours, vulnerable and with nothing to do but let their guards down and find out what the other person is really like.

When Leandrea first runs into Hallyn after he’s been modified, it’s a gut-wrenching scene. However, this is the catalyst for Leandrea to go from being someone who idly stands by, wishing things would change, but doing nothing, to someone who takes action. If it weren’t for this moment, Lea might never have found out what she was capable of.

I also love the scene at Bar in the Sky when Lea lies to Andromeda to gain Ward access to her apartment. First, I just love the setting. The idea of being in an environment that can appear to be anything is very cool. But I also love how, in that scene, Leandrea is struggling with so many conflicting emotions.

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