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More Than Just A "Coming Out" Story by Jewel Walters

Both my children have come out as non-cis individuals, and we all love Hallmark movies. There is nothing like watching two people meet, watch their crazy back and forth romance, and then end happily ever after. And let’s not forget, it always snows, and there is a dog in there somewhere.

They asked me to write LGBTQ love stories that were more than just “coming out” stories. They wanted to see love stories that show LGBTQ in the same light as the Hallmark movies we watch every Christmas. Since my kids will read these, the steam level could not embarrass them in front of their friends. So, under my pen name, Jewel Walters, I write fade-to-black LGBTQ romances.

I mostly write paranormal, so writing about humans is a bit of a switch. It wasn’t easy because I could not just come up with a spell to get a character out of a situation. It’s taught me to relax and listen to my characters when I write.

My first story, I Will Always Catch You, comes out February 8th in the anthology Finally Got It Write. It doesn’t snow, but there are dogs, a bakery, and a lot of feel-good romance.

When a small-town barista meets her #womancrushwednesday, the coffee won’t be the only thing brewing. Finley has been a fan of Violet St. John since the teen drama, Open Hearts. It’s hard to contain her excitement when a movie crew for Violet’s new movie shows up in town. But the person on the screen is much different in real life.

Violet has been in entertainment since she could walk. She’s tired of being what everyone else wants her to be. When she meets Finley, she never expected to find joy in small-town living. But Hollywood isn’t ready to let go of the Violet everyone knows.

Click the picture to go to the Amazon page and pick up this collection for under a buck!

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