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Literary Love Savannah 2023 Author Interview, Godiva Glenn

Author Name (s) Godiva Glenn

Genre(s) PNR

What made/inspired you decide to be a writer? I’ve always had stories in my head. I used to love writing in school, but it took me forever to realize I could do it as a career. One day I just stopped daydreaming about it and set out to make my author career happen.

What inspires your writing? Whenever I read a book I enjoy, it’s that feeling of joy and maybe a little bit of regret that an amazing adventure is over--I want to give that feeling to others.

What's the first thing you remember writing, and how old were you? I wrote stories for creative writing in elementary school, for sure. I think my first completed story was in 3rd or 4th grade but I couldn’t tell you what it was. Probably something involving magic, though.

Do you need quiet or can you write anywhere? Quiet isn’t a necessity. I can’t say I can write anywhere, but almost. I can write in a crowded coffee shop just fine, but I can’t write next to my husband if he’s taking work (accounting) calls, for some reason.

How do you handle brain block? I handle it so poorly! I self-flagellate and complain to my author friends until I can shake something loose. I have other techniques, but step one is whining.

How do you keep the characters straight- not mixing them up? I have wiki files for each series and a running list for across the board. I still mix them up.

If they could bring any character from any story any time period to life who would it be? My mind immediately went to Frost from the Merry Gentry series. I need him in my life.

What is your favorite dinosaur and why? Compy. Always underestimated, but has a huge pack at their back.

For those readers who are new to you, what book should they start off with and why?

Night Revelations because Night Wolves is an amazing series and book one is FREE!


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