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Kickstarter Preview Now Live for Crossbow University Vol. 1!


The Crossbow University Anthology is filled with characters you hate to love and love to hate. The women are as complex as the harem’s they end up with. If you enjoy villains who are not afraid of their dark side, physical and psychological challenges that break and remake, then this is the collection you are looking for.

Content Warnings abound.


Harpy isn’t the typical Crossbow University freshman. She has a dark history with Tituss, the second-string football quarterback who should be first string. She thinks she will use Dane, a wide receiver on the team (and single dad) to make Tituss jealous. Only, they don’t mind sharing her. Just when she thinks she has this frat under control, Apollo, heir to a criminal empire, decides he needs her on his staff. Nothing is ever what it seems except in matters of the heart. Two athletes, one psycho, and Harpy, the girl who runs the show…and the rest of the frat, too.


Holly doesn’t even know the depths of the damage her father’s “therapy” has done until she meets Storm. Storm just wants someone to focus on other than his cousin for a change. He had almost escaped, but now, at the same school, he was willing to go to extreme measures to establish a boundary. Winston liked Holly back in high school, but now, he’s different. She’s different, broken somehow, and he is not trying to piece things together. Until it’s his job to do so. Sometimes fixing things is a team sport so he invites his bestie, Autumn to help out. Only, Autumn is into Holly. Holly is into all three of them, and everyone has at least one demon to battle if not three before this complicated group of people can find a happy twenty-four hours much less ever after.


Honey is in a relationship with her boss, Todd. As a young and young looking cop, she is perfect to go undercover as a House Bunny. However, her stepbrother is at Crossbow not another university and he knows who she is, what she is. Felix and his friends, Blake and Alabaster (Albie), become the biggest obstacle to her success. What’s a girl to do when loyalty is a gamble, trust is a joke, and love is...hate?

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