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Interview with Sigils & Spells Anthology Author, McKayla Schutt

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hello, I’m a romance author with two sides. One with a love of magic and the other with no magic. Both have bad boys and alpha type personalities to make you stay up all night. In my magic side I write, witches, wolves, dragons, bears, vampires, and elves with more shifters coming soon, like panthers and mermaids.

Tell us about one of your characters:

River is a witch in line for one of the top spots in the elite coven elders. Her mother currently rules over it which puts a target on River’s back. She finds help in one of her hot teachers as they face hunters, vampires and other witches as they try and survive.

What tropes can we expect from your story?

Teacher/Student, adventure with magic, forbidden lovers.

🌸🔮This spring, it's getting a little WITCHY...🔮🌸





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