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Interview with Author Reese Spenser


Reese Spenser

Book in the Collection:

Realm of Light and Shadows

Tell us about your characters in this story:

Cassyria is the Elven Princess of Elvalore and the daughter of King Varian. She is forced to grow up among humans as Cassy Ravenwood, an orphan. She was ridiculed for physical appearance, since her brown skin, long white hair, green eyes, and slightly pointed ears are not a common combination among humans. She is bounced from foster home to foster home, where she learns she can only depend on herself. She doesn’t trust easily, and she doesn’t give her heart lightly.

What made you decide to join this set?

Being a part of the Tease Me set made me eager to participate in a paranormal/fantasy list aim set with J.A. Culican and J.A. Armitage.

What is your favorite thing about being an author?

My favorite thing about being an author is being able to share my stories with readers who love romance novels as much as I do.

What are the tropes the reader will find in your story in this set?

Realm of Light and Shadows, is a paranormal/fantasy romance filled with dragons, elves, and fated mates. Think Game of Thrones meets Princess Bride with a dash of Greek mythology.

ROM releases in October, what is your favorite thing about Halloween?

My favorite thing about Halloween are the smells, sounds and colors of Autumn.

Author Bio: Author Bio:

Reese Spenser is both author and a ravenous reader of romance. She began her career as a contemporary romance author with her debut novel Tainted Bond. However, she has always been fascinated with the supernatural. It was her weakness for vampires and shifters, and her addiction to mythology and fairytales, that led her to begin writing paranormal and fantasy romance.

When she’s not busy writing, and exploring new paths to happily ever after, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and spoiling my grandchildren.


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