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Interview with Author Courtnee Turner Hoyle

  • Tell us a bit about you:

I am a writer and an author of the books in the Pale Woods Mystery Series, It’s About Time Series, and the Rasputin’s Dynasty Trilogy. While I may embrace the traditions of my area, I have set non-negotiable boundaries, especially against sweet tea, chocolate, and unannounced visitors. I graduated from East Tennessee State University with multiple undergraduate degrees and a master's degree and developed unique ways of dividing the personalities of the people in my life to create quirky, relatable characters. I live with my husband and numerous children, braving the adventures of homeschooling and tree climbing, and believe there is a story in every experience.

  • Why mythical creatures?

I write about mythical creatures because I have always had a passion for them. Just ask the members of my third grade class, who called me “Unicorn”—even after I graduated high school.

  • What inspired this story?

I started writing a story for this series, based on the cover, but my original story turned into a trilogy, so Cascade is the prequel to the trilogy.

  • What can we expect from this collection?

You can expect novellas from your favorite authors as well as new stories from authors who may become your favorites.

  • Where can we find more of your work?

Get your copy of Mythical Creatures:

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