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Book Influencers Wanted!

If you love to support authors and their books, I have individual titles and several Box sets (Collections and Anthologies) that need your influence.

Who is a book influencer?

Someone who is willing to share the promotional graphics and language supplied to you by the author.

Someone who is willing to talk about the upcoming book once a week for 1-2 months before the book comes out.

Someone who is willing to shout out it is available on release day.

Someone willing to hype it up once a week for the first month it is out.

Someone willing to join the Facebook group and participate in tasks.

WIFM? (What's In It For Me?)

1. E-book copy gifted via Amazon or Nook upon release day.

2. Advance Review Copies (Ebook via Book Funnel when available/permitted)

3. Snail Mail Thank You SWAG packs.

What if I don't have a huge following?

These books are building visibility and so are you. If you want to be a destination for authors to send content, you have to start somewhere.

What if I am not on all SM platforms?

List the ones you are on. It is more important to me that you are committed and consistent with sharing the graphics and content.

What if I don't follow through?

If you do not follow through on the prerelease content you won't get the E-book. If you do not follow through on the post release content, you won't get the mailed SWAG. If you cannot follow through, just leave the group. I will remove you from the group if you sign up for something and do not complete tasks.

What if I don't want to write a review?

I need the marketing power of your social media feed more than I need your review, so if you do not have time to review the book, fine. Awesome if you do, but that is not what this is about.

If you are interested, this is the link to the Facebook Group:

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