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Author Interview with Ivy Penn

  • Tell us a bit about you:

I’m Ivy and I love guinea pigs, dogs and sporks! Writing is akin to breathing for me. I’ve been creating stories and new worlds my whole life and finally took the plunge to be an Indie author in 2020. I married my best friend in 2010 and we moved to Kansas to start our life over. No big city. No pollution. Just us and a small town. In 2017 we grew our family through adoption and have our beautiful daughter. I find beauty in every day and strive to be the kind of mom she’ll look up to. It’s never too late to follow your heart, and I believe in second chances. <3

  • Why sports?

Why not sports? =) It’s something new for me and gave Hope Kingston and I an opportunity to grow our series Crossmont Cove.

  • What inspired this story?

My Poppa. He loved boxing and I remember sitting on his lap watching some fights. While boxing is still popular I think sometimes it gets overshadowed by MMA. There’s a beauty and grace to watching boxers move and I find it fascinating.

In this story you meet Shane Murphy who has worked hard to go to college and is on a scholarship. He hasn’t come out to anyone, and he’s waiting to find the one person who sees him and not what he can do for them. He needs help with math and he finds that person in his tutor Marcus DuPont.

  • What can we expect from this collection?

A lot of fun, steamy stories making love a sport all on its own.

  • Where can we find more of your work? (links)

A bit about Ivy's story in Jocks:

Shane “the Spider” Murphy has been a fighter all his life. He trains hard, he fights hard and now he’s fighting with math. His scholarship to Crossmont Cove University requires him to keep his grades up, and now he needs a new kind of trainer to help him do that.

Marcus DuPont is in his third year at CCU and loves to help people who are struggling in math. When his friend and Professor asks him to take on a new student he agrees expecting the “jock” to just want enough to pass.

Shane and Marcus hit it off from the start, and Shane impresses Marcus when he genuinely wants to learn and put the work in. It’s a crazy thing to happen in the middle of a semester, but sometimes you gotta’ roll with the punches.

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