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10 Reasons to Write Poetry by Tonya Nagle, PhD

10. Self expression: when you can't say it, write it out

9. Its fun!: freestyle or structured this can be a really fun way to get your writing started

8. Its trending: when poetry books start showing up in in retailers, you know it is on trend

7. Music: most songs resemble poetry and many song writers also write poetry

6. Angst: rebel against conventions and put it on the page

5. Love: I mean, really, if you write someone a poem, that is a serious expression of the heart

4. Challenge: write it becasue you want a challenge to do something new or different

3. Revealing: using metaphors or descriptions that could make one poem mean many things based on the reader's expreiences can be a lot of fun

2. Rebellion: poetry has many structures, but freestyle means you can leave out all conventions of standard grammar and still be adored for it

  1. The number one reason to write poetry? You want to. If you are a writer, it is good to try your hand at different forms. This may be the break from your novel you need to get remotivated. It may be the thing that helps you fill up that notebook you carry around. It may be the collection of poems that gets you noticed. Who know? Who cares? Write poetry for you, for others, for no one at all. Have fun!

Resource for more information and how to get started can be found here:

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