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Interview with Author Alene Nation

  • Tell us about you as a writer: I have written 20 novels and several novellas which have been published on amazon. I started writing ten years ago and love it. I write speculative science fiction, urban fantasy, and travel mysteries.

  • Why Vella?I needed more readers to my book/author page and this looked like a good start. I was blown over by my first bonus and stuck with it.

  • Tell us about your Vella story (stories):I wrote a cozy mystery as my first Vella to test the waters and it was a success. I had this nursery rhyme floating in my head and titled it, One, Two, A Final Adieu. A lawyer becomes involved in a murder. Everyone is a suspect. The second Vella I entered was a 76K book I wrote during nanowrimo. I just had it edited and decided to enter it. After 60 episodes, Eye of the Kingdom, I was happy everyone liked it. It is a NA SF about a young man discovering himself and the planet’s curse. After completing this, I’m creating an ebook in 30 days.

My latest Vella, Advent of the Robots present a question about the robots we are putting on Mars to create habitats for humans. What happens if they becom sentient from human manipulation? And what will we do to save ourselves?

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