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Women's Fiction Day 2023

Ways to Celebrate Women’s Fiction Day

  • Visit and search the list of authors offering free books and giveaways.

  • Attend one of the many book signings held nationwide on June 8th.

  • Visit and subscribe to the free Read ON! Newsletter where you’ll be kept up-to-date on new women’s fiction authors and titles.

  • Visit the WFWA Goodreads bookshelf and Pinterest boards to find hundreds of titles.

  • Download the Hear Us Roar debut authors’ podcast

  • Visit your local library and/or indie bookstore to discover new authors and novels.

  • Follow WFWA on Twitter @WF_Writers or Instagram womensfictionwriters.

  • On social media, #bookstagram your favorite book and include a photo or stack with #womensfictionday.

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