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Welcome to the Dark Side of North

So many things I write come to me as characters and I am usually like, sure, let's do this. The darker stories have been a bit different for me because a lot of times I'm like, uh, what? But then I just go with it and see where the journey leads. My dark reverse harem college romance has several aspects that readers who like their entertainment on the this is good on a page but maybe not in my real-life side will enjoy it. Maybe in your real life, too. No judgment.

So I have a handful of these stories coming out, but it is launching with Harpy.

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It's really difficult to bully someone when they want it. I always want it. And so much more.

Could one man provide? Not when what I want is more than one man.

They try to control me. They try to manipulate me.

I'm young, not dumb, and when the darkest of these princes takes a real interest, it's time to level up.

He thinks because he's from a crime family he's wicked. Then he meets me, calls me the devil. He might be right because I don't just want their bodies, I want their hearts, their souls, and I intend to get everything I want.

One way or another.

Content warning: This is a dark, erotic, new adult, contemporary, reverse harem romance which means there is bullying, dub-con, and multiple partners at once.

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