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The Drummond Series by September North

In 202 when I had only a part-time job, I had an idea for a YA book, then a series hit me and The Drummonds were created. 12 books later, the first 3: Drum, Fight, Break are already on sale. Today, Ozzy went live via digital platforms. I will be releasing the others each month but all 9 of the "children" to my original series will be out by July. In time for me to take them to Literary Love Savannah in August 2021.

This series completely derailed me from everything else I was and need to write. This series got me through last year. I love them, all of them. You can click on the images on the September North page and it will take you to the universal links where you can get your copy from your favorite retailer.

To my imaginary, teen book boyfriend, Drum. I had no idea when you showed up in my head it was going to lead to this, but thank you!

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