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Review of Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

The cover on the Ice Planet Barbarians print book by Ruby Dixon is what landed it in my stocking this past Christmas.

The e-book cover is a much different visualization of this story.

The thing I appreciated about this sci-fi erotic romance is the fact that it got to the abduction quickly and the details set up the rest of the characters for their own stories if she chose to write them. She did (it is a massive series).

As a writer, tools you can learn from this book if you write sci-fi (and I do) include:

  1. establish the lead character's personality immediately (warrior or wimp-this needs to be known right away even if they try to hide it from others)

  2. establish the rules for your planet/system-follow them

  3. don't be afraid to help them out--in this book, there is a translator and a computer that can teach language (it is sci-fi, they have the technology, it is okay to use it and she does)

  4. don't make it too easy though-still very different customs and beliefs about things

  5. visuals- both environmental and physical (especially if writing romance) The alien mate is so endearing that it is very believable one could get past physical differences.

Though it doesn't hurt that she added awesome abilities and features to some key parts of that alien.

Notes taken! :)

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