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Memoir: Getting Started by Tonya Nagle, PhD

The journey to telling your story begins this September. Join me as I share my process and create my non-fiction book about me and my life. Hopefully, you will also work on this process and begin your book about you and your life!

Some first steps to take:

Do a little bit of research:

  1. Pick up a couple or five books on the craft of writing memoir. I suggest Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (great in audiobook) and Old Friend from Far Away by Natalie Goldberg.

  2. Read some memoirs. Don't just read them for enjoyment though, make a memoir journal and take notes on parts you like, don't like. Elements you want to add to your own book. Things you wish were in that book but wasn't.

  3. If you are not planning to do this for your personal use or self-publishing, be sure to take note of publishers so you can research them when your manuscript is complete or during the writing process.

That's it for now. Don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves and those 3 things are actually a lot!

Check back in September for more memoir writing tips and suggestions. Also, check out the podcast in September for companion posts.

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