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Interview with Vella Author Hetza E

Tell us about you as a writer: I am an Indie Author, my first self published book on Amazon is a poetry book called Aligned Thoughts Remembering your connection within, and I am proud to say it has 3 5 star reviews which tickled me pink to receive. My writing journey started since I could pick up a crayola crayon. I wrote short stories and small children’s books when I was a child. I loved writing poetry & lyrics as I got older during my teen years and I currently still love to write lyrics, poetry, fantasy, supernatural, romcom ect. I like to dip my pen in all different frequencies!

  • Why Vella? I enjoy writing and I had some stories that were just sitting on my laptop waiting to be turned into books to self publish. Amazon sent me an email saying I had already been publishing with them to see if I would like to write for this up and coming beta platform called Kindle Vella. Right away I thought that sounds like fun, it gives me the motivation to finish these books,, while being able to get them in front of readers. As an Indie Author, it has been a great way to get my name and stories out there and to be able to connect with readers. Before releasing them as full books, vella helps to keep me on a writing schedule.

  • Tell us about your Vella story (stories): Pieces Of My Universe

  • Meet Hannah, a high school freshman living in the 90's, as she explores life through a young adult's eyes learning about love, relationships, heart ache, deception, friendships, and forgiveness. While becoming aware of something so much bigger than just this reality, Hannah is awakening into her supernatural/psychic abilities and learning that she is here for so much more, and the others in her life are pieces of her universe that are leading her through her journey and to the boy in her dreams!

  • V’s Journey Of Awareness

  • "Yes, you are all the same soul, just acting out different aspects of who you are, and there are many!" Charles did not seem to realize he just scared me, so I would have normally said death, but I am starting to think I am dead at this point. What happened to Heaven and the pearly gates I was told about? Now I find out I am a super-duper soul with many split personalities, wow this is getting beyond my understanding.

  • So I Kept Her Locked Away

  • Trying to find myself again is going to be a journey! Somewhere along the way I lost myself. I have put myself on the back burner for so long, I am losing who I am! Where did she go, I ask myself this repeatedly, day after day? She is inside me, and I can feel her trying to escape. She is screaming inside me to let her out and be who I am and not what people want me to be or who I pretend to be. She tells me that life has changed now, and I can be free, there is no reason to be scared to be me.

  • Link to your website Hetza E.: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

  • Link to your Vella story

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