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Interview with Vella Author, Calliope Dean

Tell us about you as a writer: I’ve been writing for several years, but just started publishing this year. I really enjoy focusing on steamy romance stories with older women and younger men. I’m an indie author in my free time outside a full-time job and momtaxi duties for two double-digit kiddos.

  • Why Vella? The serial platform allows me to post episodic releases of my draft to get reactions and keep me on a schedule.

  • Tell us about your Vella story (stories): I currently have two Vellas, one being released as a trilogy as each section is completed (Far From Home), and one that’s not scheduled to come out in novel form until early 2023 (Back In the Saddle). FFH focuses on a married mother of two suffering from depression who unexpectedly meets a young actor that she feels a connection with. The story follows them through their affair until they get their HEA. BITS has the FMC arriving in the middle of the night at her estranged father’s Montana ranch after her rich husband announces he’s cheating on her and wants a divorce. She meets the ranch foreman running the property since her father moved, and somehow the young cowboy becomes exactly what she needs to come home. Working on another coming this fall.

  • Link to your website:, FB, IG, TT handles @calliopedeanromance

  • Link to your Vella story: FFH:, BITS:

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