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Interview with Shifter Time Authors Cali Mann & Freya Black

Story in Collection: Guarded by the Hellhounds

What inspired you to write this story?

Is it part of a series? Yes, it's the prelude to the trilogy, Hell-Baited Wolves.

What are three things a reader can expect from your books? Steamy, reverse harem, strong men

What are your favorite shifters? I’m a fan of dragons (Cali).

Do you have a favorite character in this story? If so, who is it and why? If not, why?

Story Blurb: Three hot shifters and a runaway wolf collide in this sexy short adventure.

I'd marry to save my pack. Any man...but him. So I run.

In the midst of a wild storm, three hot men save me. Men with dark secrets and a demonic nature my pack might never accept, but my heart's already claimed them. They're mine.

Grab this steamy why choose, shifter romance now and enter the world of Hell Baited Wolves, a sexy demon paranormal reverse harem romance series by Cali Mann and Freya Black.

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When the moon is high and hearts are prowling, it’s SHIFTER TIME!

16 of your favorite paranormal romance authors bring you stories of fated mates, passionate kisses, and wild loves that last a lifetime—and beyond. From single dad to second-chance loves to "no way in heck!" rejected mates or enemies to lovers, come fly with the dragons and howl with the wolves.

Claim your copy, claim your mate, claim your SHIFTER TIME.

★★★ Authors Featured in Shifter Time ★★★

Gina Kincade & Erzabet Bishop

C.D. Gorri

Cara North

AC James

Candace Ayers

Andra Dill

Cali Mann & Freya Black

Elsa Jade

Jordin Thiele

Rose Bak

Kat Parrish

Asa Maria Bradley

Tami Lund

E.J. Powell

L.J. Sealey

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