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Interview with Rituals & Runes Author, Melissa Bell

Rituals & Runes is the PERFECT escape to worlds filled with paranormal, romance, urban fantasy, and more! And you can get a sneak peek into one of the stories exclusive to the box set, The Accidental Witch.

Check out this author's interview with Melissa Bell to find out about her contribution!

Author: Melissa Bell

Book: The Accidental Witch

R & R: What is the one aspect of your story that you think readers will enjoy?

Melissa: I’m hopeful they will enjoy the quirkiness of the characters and unique personalities of the many fantastical creatures I have woven into the story.

R & R: I have no doubt the readers will absolutely love the story!

Name something magical from the plot of your story.

Melissa: The female lead character thinks she imagining the things she is suddenly able to see.

R & R: Sounds delicious. I can only imagine her reaction when she realizes the truth!

What book or genre would you love to write in?

Melissa: I love writing in Paranormal but I hope to try on many hats and different dance moves on this merry-go-round.

R & R: LOL Merry-go-round is a perfect definition.

What is something you’ve tried and would love to do so again?

Melissa: I’d like to try writing a Science Fiction or Dystopian.

R & R: I bet readers will love both!

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Melissa: I am working to complete my ‘Five Brothers Series’ and my ‘Dutiful Gods Series’ as well as the second book in my co-written series Demon Hunters – Book #2 Sebastian.

R & R: It sounds like you are a busy lady.

What is the best part of being an author?

Melissa: I get to write the stories that nobody has read yet.

R & R: That’s a perfect answer!

Fun Question - Do you prefer a quiet dinner with friends or a night out at a club?

Melissa: When I was young I would have gone for the nightclub but now that I am older I would much rather the quiet dinner with friends or family.

R & R: A much more intimate setting. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit about you!


The Accidental Witch

Up until three days ago, her life had been mundane.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

What is known cannot be forgiven.

What’s been spoken cannot be taken back.

Cassiopia is the Accidental Witch. She went to bed one night and woke up to find the world had gone crazy.


She was hallucinating. There was no other explanation for what she was looking at as she walked from her apartment to work. Looking around, she wondered if they were filming a movie or something in the area around her apartment or on a neighboring street. There were people with pointy ears and the most beautiful faces. But if you stared long enough, their eyes would change color, and their features would morph into something nasty with lots of sharp teeth. The thing was that every single monster on the street seemed to know that she was watching them and their eyes transfixed on her, and they did not look happy to see her. In fact, they looked like they wanted to kill her.

A man approached and took her arm, “If you want to live you need to come with me. Now!”

“If said monster didn’t want to take on the additional monster duties they said they did then why don’t they just say so?” Monster one asked Monster Two.

Cassiopeia was still stuck on their names being, Monster One and Monster Two. She knew she would regret asking but still didn’t seem capable of stopping herself. She figured it probably had something to do with the stuff she’d ingested, absorbed, or tripped over.

And without further ado, her mouth was moving, and the words escaped her lips. “If you don’t mind me asking,” she began. “If you’re Monster One and you’re number two….”

“No, I’m Monster Two. I’m definitely not Number Two.” Monster Two stated in a way that said he wasn’t happy about the mix-up in names.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. Then trying again, she refused to give up on getting her answer, “If you’re Monster One and you’re Monster Two then what are your parents’ names?”

Author Bio:

Melissa Bell lives in Brisbane, Australia. She has loved to read since the age of twelve when she discovered ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’, previous to reading this book she hated reading. With a couple of handfuls of years and thousands of books later she wanted to try writing.

She has most recently accomplished making the USA Today Best Sellers List in October 2021. And has now set her sights on reaching the NY Times Best Sellers List.

She enjoys good food and good company when she’s not trying to concentrate on what she’s writing. She loves to laugh as laughter makes the world go round not money. Unfortunately laughter doesn’t pay the bills unless you’re a really well-known stand-up comedian. Which she is not. She is hoping that this is the start of an exciting adventure as a published Author, and that maybe something amazing will come of it. She would like to invite you all to join her on her journey.

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Get more magical & paranormal-themed stories like this in Rituals & Runes!

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