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Interview with Rituals & Runes Author, Andie M. Long

Looking for your next favorite read?

The runes are cast, the rituals prepared, now it’s time for you to go on an adventure filled with witches, demons, shifters, and more.

Don't miss out on this interview to talk with Andie M. Long about her book, Slayer Versus Player, coming out in the Rituals and Runes Anthology!

Author: Andie M. Long

Book: Slayer Versus Player

R&R: Tell us something we wouldn't suspect from your submission?

Andie: Slayer is a funny book. I’m not sure how many authors in the collection have written romantic comedies, but my paranormals come with sass, snark, and silliness!

R&R: Humor is a special talent and having seen many of your fun covers, we're not surprised you would include jokes.

If you could have any item out of your story what would it be and why?

Andie: I would love the secret glade surrounded by trees in the middle of the woods. A great place to escape when you want to be alone with your thoughts, or to do your magic rituals in.

R&R: A secret glade! Yes, perfect to escape and refresh yourself.

What are things your main characters do NOT want to do?

Andie: To fall in love with each other. Aurora and Luke are sworn enemies and cannot stand each other!

R&R: Got to love that Enemies-to-lovers tension!

Just for fun, what tattoo would you get to represent your submission?

Andie: Definitely a stake to represent the slayer. The whole book idea originated from firstly a premade I fell in love with and then the fact it’s the 25th anniversary of Buffy next March.

R&R: We adore those reasons. A paranormal tattoo like that would be so awesome!

You have multiple pen names. Which book was your favorite that you have written under any of them?

Andie: My favourite book is The Vampire Wants a Wife under my Andie M. Long name. I fell in love with Theo, the main character, as I wrote about him, and I’ve been in love with him ever since. He’s old-fashioned in manner, though has kept himself up to date with modern technology, and watching him as he gets his woman and then becomes an overprotective father has been a delight.

R&R: Romantic and it's on our TBR list now!

What distractions do you have to overcome when writing?

Andie: Oh my, This is my biggest peeve ever. I seem to be the go-to for all the neighbourhood parcels so my doorbell is always ringing. My OH has just gone part-time and so he’s constantly interrupting me. My son often works 5pm-12 midnight shifts so same, and my parents will just call round (they live around the corner). I’m okay until writing days where the interruptions make my blood boil. Trying to explain that they might have only needed 2 mins of my time but it’s pulled me completely out of the story just falls on deaf ears!

R&R: What a tough situation. And sometimes it's hard to get a private office space.

What books do you have coming out that are not involved in the anthology?

Andie: In September I have book five of my Sucking Dead series, Hot As Suck releasing. This one is about a dragon shifter who has just started dating and then finds out he’s heir to a dragon throne. Jason, the main character, is a happy go lucky chap who wants to chill, not command, so it’ll be interesting to see where the story takes me!

If you like supernaturals who live in a cute village, and books with humour, start with book one Suck My Life.

R&R: Lovely! Lots to look forward to.

Would you rather hear dirty limericks or sweet nothings and why?

Andie: Most definitely dirty limericks. Sweet romantic stuff makes me want to gag lol. I have a filthy mind and make innuendo out of everything. You know I now have to create one, right?

There once was a woman called Anna

Who had a peculiar manner

She’d climb into bed

To give her man head

But instead handled it like a jackhammer.

See what I mean? I don’t know where this filth comes from hahahaha.

R&R: You're a riot! Lol! That was great.

Check out the information on Slayer Versus Player and read a juicy tidbit below.

Book blurb:

Lucien Youngblood is a vampire… and a player

As the heir of Beastwick, he thinks he can do what he likes, including treating women like childhood toys, discarded after one play when he’s bored.

Only now I’m here. Rory de Courtenay, the seventh of seven witches, fated to take back rule of the town stolen from us by Luc’s father.

I’m completely unimpressed by the tall, good looking, arrogant male who’s determined to find out why my family has returned.

It’s de Courtenay versus Youngblood. Until a ghost reveals there’s another way forward.


I wouldn’t trust Luc as far as I could throw him, and the feeling is entirely mutual. As far as I’m concerned, in Beastwick, there’s everything to slay for.

And Luc Youngblood better keep an eye on his heart… because I might just plunge a stake through it.


“I’ll see you out,” Aurora said in a tone that brooked no argument.

She strolled in front of me, through the hall and to the large door at the entrance, which she pulled open. I walked through it, and she followed me out onto the porch.

“So he’s still here, the great Ocean Youngblood, and he married his mistress, the one who spilled our secrets.” I looked down at her hand and she huff-laughed. “We no longer wear rings on our fingers that can be hacked off, Mr Youngblood, so don’t waste your time looking.”

“I was actually seeing if you were betrothed,” I shot back in a complete lie. “Though, as I figured, you clearly aren’t. I mean, who’d bloody put up with you?”

She screwed up her face in distaste. “Good of you to stop by. Here’s a message for your family from me. I will be listening to the house as it and my ancestors reveal the secrets as to why it called me home,” she said. “Because I know, in here.” She put a hand to her heart. “It did. It called us all home.”

She put a finger under my chin and raised my eyes back to her own from where they’d been looking at her chest.

“I was not checking out your rack if that’s what you were thinking. It would be impossible to discern it within all that dreadful material. Plus, you annoy me immensely. Now Louisa, she seems much more my kind of woman,” I teased.

“You come near any of my sisters, and I will slay you.” She mimed dusting me off by fisting her hand and pushing it out into my chest and going, “Poof.” I caught her hand and pulled her up close to me, making her stumble and fall into my chest.

“I’ll bite you and enjoy every drop of your blood before that happens,” I said, relishing in the fact that she looked discomfited. She righted herself then pulled the zip of her onesie down and showed me her breasts.

I was mesmerised because they were glorious. I had seen many, many breasts in my time and hers were creamy, full, and pink-tipped with the perfect amount of areola, and right up close. Indeed, I was so distracted that Aurora pushed me and I landed on my arse at the bottom of the porch steps.

“You might be a vampire, but you’re still a pathetic dude,” she announced, before going back in the house and slamming the door.

Author Bio:

Andie M. Long lives in Sheffield in the U.K. with her partner, son, and a gorgeous Whippet furbaby. She loves writing about the fictional supernaturals she wishes were real. When not working she can be found drinking coffee, eating Toblerone, and losing hours of her life to TikTok.

Where to find her:

Get more magical & paranormal-themed stories like this in Rituals & Runes!

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