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Interview with Author Zoey Drake

  • Tell us a bit about you:

I’m Zoey, author of contemporary, small town, new adult, and dark romance novels. I love my heroes a little broody with big hearts, feisty females, and dirty talking cowboys! I have a crazy addiction to Chipotle and anything Key Lime flavored. I’m married, living happily with my hubby, Coach K, and rescue dog, Sir Cooper Ryder Mess.

  • Why sports?

I wanted to step out of the box! I’ve never written a sports romance and to be honest I don’t watch many sports, unless it's golf because that’s ALWAYS on at my house.

  • What inspired this story?

My husband and his crazy best friend. So many Facetimes chatting up ideas and thoughts. They got so into it I couldn’t say no. Plus, I don’t see many golf sports romances, so I wanted to make one. Although it went a completely different way than I planned (like usual - lol).

  • What can we expect from this collection?

Azalea Blooms is a best-friends-to-lovers novella. Sweet, funny, and loads of sexy!

  • Where can we find more of your work? (links)

Visit my website for what’s coming soon and a little about my current books. I can also be found on Bookbub and Amazon.

Come and join my Facebook reader group: We may be small but we are fierce. Slightly inappropriate memes, themed days, giftaways, snippets of my WIP, and all the things:

A bit about Zoey's story in Jocks:

Captain of the hockey team. Member of the Ladies Golf Team. One night that will change everything. What happens when you accidentally fall for your best friend? Find out in this best-friends-to-lovers sweet, hilarious, and sexy sports romance.

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