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Interview with Author Whitney Gayle

Author: Whitney Gayle

Book in the Collection: Friends Ignited

Tell us about your characters in this story: Jake’s family moves in next door to Robin’s when they were in grade school. Robin and her brother Tony quickly claim Jake as a sibling, and they are inseparable. Until Jake’s family moves again due to his father’s job. A promise to stay in touch soon becomes a goal unattainable for the young teens. Circumstances bring them back together during Robin’s first semester at college. Will time spent catching up lead to something more?

What made you decide to join this set? I wanted to join some wonderful authors and friends in a collection of clean, fun, quirky, stories about young love and the magic of Christmas.

If you had to use emojis only for your tagline, what would that look like?

👦 👧📚 🎅 💝

What can readers expect from this collection? It will have fun, sweet stories of young adults finding their way in life and love.


When Professor Gatlin says Jake’s name I almost fall out of my chair. I immediately start searching the room for him. He was always a nice person and so handsome. When the Kimble’s moved in next door, my brother and I claimed Jake as our brother, and we were inseparable. It broke my young heart when they moved away. We all made promises with each other to stay in touch, but as young teens, we got interested in other things and life continued.

Author Bio: Whitney Gayle was raised in rural America on a small family farm. There is always work to be done taking care of the animals, crops, gardens, or siblings. She often took books to the woods or barns and occasionally up in a tree to have a few minutes to read. When she graduated from high school, she joined the Marine Corps for an education and adventure. Where she met and married the love of her life. While enjoying the military gypsy life, traveling the world, they raised their family. Having been an avid reader her entire life and occasionally writing shorts, Whitney finally started writing in earnest after becoming an empty nester.

In her writings, Whitney combines real-life experiences with a splash of fantasy, a dash of mystery and a budding romance.

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