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Interview with Author Therena Carlin

Author: Therena Carlin

Book in the Collection:

Blood & Scales

Tell us about your characters in this story:

Kaya—Born a blood-witch, she has been an outcast her entire life. All she ever wanted was to be normal and fit into society. But when her sister dies during childbirth, leaving her with a baby girl and a group of deadly hunters on her trail, Kaya must do everything she must not to be caught. Living on the fringes of society, she refuses to let anyone in. Being on the move is all that has kept her one step ahead of the hunters. But when she meets a sexy man that wreaks havoc with her sensibilities, she must choose between opening her heart and trusting him to protect her or always living on the run.

Ryu—A dragon shifter haunted by his traumatic past. Hiding from his true nature, he has made a life for himself in a secluded village. Afraid of finding his mate for fear of the danger his beast poses to them, he runs away when he sees Kaya for the first time. But, when fate throws her in his path once more, he must choose between allowing his fear to control him or trusting his dragon to protect his mate.

What made you decide to join this set?

The opportunity to be published alongside other amazing authors in my favorite genres of romantic fantasy and PNR

What is your favorite thing about being an author?

Bringing the worlds which have captivated me for years to life and sharing it with others. Being able to daydream professionally.

What are the tropes the reader will find in your story in this set?

Fated mates, dragon shifters, vampires, witches, outcast, found family, forced proximity, nursed back to health, protective mate, tortured past, cinnamon roll hero & sweet heroine, one bed, nursed back to health.

ROM releases in October, what is your favorite thing about Halloween?

What isn’t? I love dressing up as fantasy characters, decorating my home, creating and sharing dark art, Autumn weather. We go all out for Halloween where I live.

Author Bio:

As an immigrant, Therena grew up in two worlds. Part of both, yet not fully belonging to either. A misfit, weirdo, and black sheep—one who dared to believe in magic, fantasy, and the power of being different. Bringing imaginary worlds to life through her art and writing, she found where she belonged and fit in through fictional stories and characters like herself.

Her stories capture the empowering essence of being true to yourself no matter what adversary the world, or your own fears and doubts, may throw at you.

She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island with her husband and three children, where she writes epic fantasy tales for other outcasts and misfits seeking to find a place where they belong without having to fit in. With epic adventure and romance at its core, each story is a tale of empowerment, belonging and embracing oneself. And who doesn’t love a story filled with magic, adventure, love, and dragons?


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