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Interview with Author Tasha Creed

Tell us about you as a writer:Tasha Creed lives in the mountains of Tennessee where she homeschools and enjoys time with her son. She is a stay at home mom and writer as of the past couple of years.

  • Why Vella? I chose Vella because I was just getting started and wanted to release my writing. Though I released one series on Kindle, Vella has been my go to. It allows me to actually gain ground in my writing, as I have a dedicated schedule and planner.

  • Tell us about your Vella story (stories): As of right now, I have twelve in all. About half are complete and a couple more will move to complete status soon. I write mostly paranormal with a mix of dark fantasy, romance, and epic fantasy.I find those more enjoyable to write.

  • Link to your website:

  • Link to your Vella story:

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