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Interview with Author Lore Nicole

Tell us about you as a writer: Lore Nicole lives on a family dairy farm with her husband and three young children. Her kids are in 4-H and they have four show rabbits; besides all of the cows, cats, and dogs. Lore is a stay-at-home writer-mom due to endometriosis and fibromyalgia, among other issues derived from those. Fibro has taken away a lot of things from her, such as creating jewelry and crocheting, but she refuses to give up on her writing goals and dreams. If she did give up, she feels it would make her a hypocrite for telling her children to follow their dreams if she didn't follow hers.

  • Why Vella? I have a hard time with Imposter Syndrome and have started stories only to quit writing after two or three chapters. Writing episodes for Vella, and publishing as I go, keeps me motivated to keep writing for anyone that has been reading and following them.

  • Tell us about your Vella story (stories): Each of my vella stories as Lore Nicole have elements of fantasy or paranormal romance. My latest one is called Moon Contract. We never read about werewolves with health issues and I wanted to spread awareness for endometriosis to a reader group that may not have any knowledge of it. I used my own mental health and endo journey while writing Lilian’s story. There are currently ten episodes with more going LIVE every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through August 26th.

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