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Interview with Author Kristy Perkins

Tell us about you as a writer: Kristy Perkins is the author of the Young Adult Dystopian novel Generation Freaks. A stay at home mother, Kristy has spent more than half of her life reading and writing fiction. She lives by the mantra, “I’m not perfect; I learn something new every day.” A lifelong nerd of all that is fantastical , Kristy specializes in writing fantasy and paranormal stories, although she's been known to write (and ghostwrite!) many other genres. When she's writing, Kristy lives off of Hot Cheetos, Swedish Fish, and caffeinated beverages. She resides in Colorado where she writes while taking care of her family -- which consists of two-legged and four-legged beings -- and fends off writer's block by cleaning the house.

  • Why Vella? I chose Vella because I decided to restart my career as an author and needed a boost into it. I want to grow my fan base / my readers. Vella also gives me the motivation to not quit. I was doubting myself for a while, wondering if I could go on or if I needed to quit. Vella is giving me new determination that I can make this work.

  • Tell us about your Vella story (stories): I have several. Under this name and a couple pen names that I’m currently working on. The one presented is named The Psychics: Percy

It is about 5 young psychics between the ages 14-18. For their entire lives, they’ve been locked in a Facility, trained for the end of the world and how to survive. When it finally happens, they’re set out on their own. Despite being trained how to survive the end of the world, they were never taught how to survive society itself.

  • Link to your website:

  • Link to your Vella story:

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