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Interview with Author Jean Knight Pace (fantasy/sci-fi), J. E. Pace (women’s fiction–sweet)

Tell us about you as a writer: I’ve been writing forever. For years I just wrote when my kids were sleeping, occasionally publishing a story or an article. And then a friend approached me about writing a fantasy novel together. The rest, as they say, is history. My favorite genres are fantasy, memoir, and women’s fic (especially literary if it’s not sad).

  • Why Vella? I was nervous to try Vella at first, but I started to hear more and more about it. My kids LOVE serial comics, like Webtoons, so I know there’s a market for serial stuff that can work. I wanted to give it a try. When I had my newest middle grade fantasy under control, it felt like the right time to try Vella. Plus I had a sweet romantic story in my back pocket. So I added the romance to learn the ropes (and because Vella is supposed to like romance) and then started to add my fantasy episodes. It’s been fun!

  • Tell us about your Vella story (stories): The first is From Asphalt (J.E. Pace). It’s a sweet romance, with an adorable rescue dog, a hot paramedic (who saves the dog who he notices on the scene of an accident), and a woman trying to find her place in her family and career. The second is my middle grade sci-fantasy novel. It’s about the son of the U.S. president who discovers a super strength when he’s in danger. The problem is that he can’t call upon this power at will. And he can’t tell anyone about it–literally. When he uncovers a plot against his father’s life, he becomes even more desperate to harness his strength and help his father. But the closer he gets to figuring out who the assassin is, the more he begins to wonder if it’s the president at stake, or someone even more powerful.

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