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Interview with Author Harper Hawke

The Heart of the Beast

Birdie is a beast master, and a bad one at that. Most beast masters her age already have their familiar and with the trials coming up she will be at a disadvantage without one. If highschool wasn’t bad enough already. In desperation she purchases an Iguana from a local pet shop, insistent that it’s talking to her. On top of everything in her life she feel’s like she’s losing the plot. Will she find her familiar, or will she end up a nobody.

Get your copy of Mythical Creatures:

  • Tell us a bit about you:

I am a new author to the YA genre and want to start dipping my toes in with this novella. I live in the UK with my two pets… well they are children so almost the same and spend my life in so many different worlds that I am not sure what plain I’m on now. First time YA author but long time daydreamer.

  • Why mythical creatures?

Cause who doesn’t like a mythical creature.

  • What inspired this story?

This story was inspired by the idea that most mythical and paranormal creatures are seen as evil and dark. I wanted to play with the idea in my world that they are just like us, but a little different.

  • What can we expect from this collection?

In this collection you will find many worlds and many stories to entrap and amaze and when we are finished you will want for more.

  • Where can we find more of your work?

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