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Interview with Author Evelyn Lederman

Being in high school isn’t easy, especially when you’re a fairy. The fairy council has plans for Ariel, but that’s news to her. If studying for finals isn’t enough, imagine being forced to meet her destiny between exams.

Living in Austin, Texas, where the population wants to keep things weird; Ariel fits in great. Hanging out with her friends is how she wants to spend her days. But forces beyond her control are forcing her in another direction.

  • Tell us a bit about you:

I love writing escapism. My YA books are about alien abductions of teenagers and an academy of witches. My heroines and heroes are forced to face aspects of themselves that cause them to step out of the shadows and become the leaders they were born to become.

  • Why mythical creatures?

How many of us loved Tinker Bell? I love to create characters that come out of my imagination, framed within the little mythical stories provided.

  • What inspired this story?

I’ve always thought of fairies as happy beings. Why not have a teenage fairy forced to go to high school, while keeping their secrets from their human teenager friends.

  • What can we expect from this collection?

I’d love to share the stories I’ve written with new readers, whether it’s my Young Adult book or my fantasy/PNR/science fiction adult-focused books.

  • Where can we find more of your work?

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