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Interview with Author Aurelia Foxx

Author Name: Aurelia Foxx

Genre: Romance! From sweet and clean to steamy and spicy! I also have another pen name which I am keeping separate for now where I write children books, nonfiction and workbooks.

What made/inspired you decide to be a writer?

I’ve always been a HUGE bookworm. When I was in grade 3 or so, my school had a reading contest. The more you read, the more prizes you won. I read over 100 books in a year! That just lit a flame for the love of reading I already had at that age and the rest is history. That love of stories never left!

Along with reading, I've also always loved telling stories. From writing way more in my school story writing assignments that I had to, to talking the ear off of someone or another about a story I heard or was making up. In late highschool I decided to try the National Novel writing month competition and wrote over 50,000 words that month. That novel grew to over 100,000 words in the next month or so. That was probably the first time I took writing more seriously and it just evolved from there.

What inspires your writing?

Everything and anything! You never know when the writing muse will strike. I can be eating lunch on a patio and see one small thing which makes me think of something else, which makes me think of another thing, and before you know it I jot down an idea for another story to write someday. I think my personal experiences, challenges and struggles also inspire my writing. As I write this I am working on a book about mental health and the power of hope in an urban fantasy setting. I want my books to make people's lives a bit brighter. Whether they feel seen by my work, or just get a few smiles and chuckles.

What's the first thing you remember writing, and how old were you?

The first one that comes to mind is when I was 6 or so. It was either first or second grade and we had to write a Halloween story. We made these little booklets with hand drawn illustrations. I wrote so much I needed multiple extra pages. I remember it vividly because my teacher was exasperated with me. I had a lot of story ideas but grammar and punctuation were my worst enemy at the time.

Do you need quiet or can you write anywhere?

Both! Either full quiet or a nice ambiance like a coffee shop with a lot of background noise. If I am listening to music it’s white noise or instrumental only.

How do you handle brain block?

Usually I try to push through it but if it’s bad I take a step away from the story and write something else. Usually if I give the story room to breathe the answer will come to me. If that doesn’t work I will ask fellow writers or even family members for their thoughts.

If they could bring any character from any story from any time period to life, who would it be?

For my story in the Hexes and Oh’s anthology, my main character Lizzy feels like a bit of a failure when it comes to her witching skills. I think she would bring Glinda from the Wizard of Oz to life. She is so kind and bubbly, I think Lizzy would love to have that positive kind of teaching to see if she can make her magic work a bit better. I think she would also love a pair of ruby slippers, but I mean, who wouldn’t?

What made you want to write this particular piece?

I came up with the idea for my story in the anthology while people watching at a coffee shop. I love the idea of a fall day, where two witches meet up at a coffee shop, talk potions and magic, look at cute guys, and drink warm fall drinks. That idea sparked a chain of subsequent questions and I decided to roll with it. It’s always fun to imagine wild and magical stories in the most ordinary of spaces!

What can readers expect from your story?

I’m hoping the story will give fun, light, and cozy vibes. The main character is trying to find her feet in the new magical world she finds herself in, and an honest mistake makes things so much more complicated for her. She’ll have to fend off an over enthusiastic suitor and get her best friend and mentor to help save the day.

For those readers who are new to you, what book should they start off with and why?

Aurelia Foxx is a pen name I just recently launched to separate my kids and nonfiction books, from my romance books. This means only one book is out so far (but another coming out before the end of the year), saying that I think this is a great book to introduce you to my writing!

The book is called “Quarantined with my Werewolf Ex-Boyfriend” It has the banter and more introspective scenes I try to include in all my work and it’s just under a hundred pages so a quick and fun read to fly through.

You can find it on Amazon on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback!


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