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Interview with Author A.S. Green

Genre(s): Paranormal Romance; Supernatural Suspense

What made/inspired you decide to be a writer? I think what really inspired me was reading bedtime stories to my younger sister when I was five years' old. I thought, "I can do that," and very quickly I was asking my dad to make copies of my stories on his office copy machine.

What inspires your writing? My own curiosity inspires a lot of it, and most of my books are steamy paranormal twists on Celtic mythology and American folklore.

What's the first thing you remember writing, and how old were you? Agatha the Witch was a series I wrote when I was five. I sold copies for a dime in my neighborhood.

Do you need quiet or can you write anywhere? I can write anywhere so long as no one is reading over my shoulder. (The horror!) I can’t write to music though. I’m jealous of those who can.

If you could bring any character from any story from any time period to life, who would it be? From my own books, maybe Cormac MacConall from Hounded by the Fae’s Fated Mate. Or Ethan Mather who is the MMC in Wicked Coven, my current series!

From someone else’s book…probably Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series. Not very original, but sue me. I’m weak for a Highlander.

What made you want to write this particular piece? I am descended from Samuel Wardwell, one of the 19 people who were convicted of witchcraft and hanged in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Wicked Coven was a natural extension of my curiosity about that time period, and the story percolated for many years before it hit the page. The interesting thing about Samuel was that he actually did practice folk magic and was known for his prophecies. He was one of the few people who confessed to practicing witchcraft, though there was nothing “evil” about his practices.

What can readers expect from your story? Wicked Coven is full of steamy, witchy, slow-burn romance with a lot of magical realism, high-stakes suspense, and a “gotta have book 2 NOW” ending! Fortunately, this is set up as a quick release series, with a new book being released every month.

A.S. Green

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

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