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Evelyn Lederman’s LLS 2023 Interview

What made/inspired you decide to be a writer?

When I attended my first romance novel convention as a reader in 2009, it was a common theme that author’s characters talked to them. I thought they were crazy, but then it happened to me on February 23, 2014, I had to write what my characters told me. That was the start for the Worlds Apart Series.

What inspires your writing?

I love writing escapism. I take myself and readers to worlds that don’t exist in our reality.

What's the first thing you remember writing, and how old were you?

Actually, I never planned to be a writer. It just wasn’t my thing. But when the voices started to inspire me, I had to do it. The Chameleon Soul Mate was based on those first thoughts that occurred in my mind. I had a trip planned for the next day and purchased a 3-inch spiral notebook to world build, character development, and plotting. I was six-months into my retirement, 55 years old.

Do you need quiet or can you write anywhere?

I love writing on a beach or at a pool. However, I can write just about anywhere as long as there isn’t a dominating voice distracting me.

How do you handle brain block?

I take a walk or a drive. By focusing on something else, it clears my mind. Inspiration generally occurs when I do either of those activities. I once got off the interstate at a rest stop to write down two plot points that came to me.

How do you keep the characters straight- not mixing them up?

That is a challenge. Whenever I start a new book, I keep using my old hero or heroine’s name, even though they could be VERY different characters. It’s hard to let one character go and start afresh with a new one. It’s especially challenging when main characters become secondary characters in subsequent books. They just want to dominate.

If they could bring any character from any story any time period to life who would it be?

There’s something about your first. I’d love for Alexandra Mann to come to life. I figured we’d be best friends. She’s actually named after an alter-ego I had as a kid.

What is your favorite dinosaur and why?

You’ve got to love Blue from the Jurassic Park movies. She’s got more personality than a number of the human characters.

For those readers who are new to you, what book should they start off with and why?

I have special feelings about The Chameleon Soul Mate because it was the first book I ever wrote. I do most of my world building in that book and it’s got the typical faults a first book has. Bear with me and then read The Crystal Telepath, the second book in the series. People often tell me The Warrior Woman, the third book in the series is their favorite. For the YA lover, you’ll want to read Selected. It was the first runner up for the Rone’ Award for Best YA Speculative Fiction book. I once asked one of my readers that question and she responded The Chameleon Soul Mate.


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