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Dracos YA Anthology Author Skye Deva Interview

1. Introduce yourself

Hello! I’m Skye Deva, the name was chosen by my daughter because she thought it sounded like a cool YA fantasy author.

2. Why dragons?

Dragons are ethereal. They are magical. They embody fierceness and are loyal. They are the ultimate fantasy creature to dream of.

3. Story blurb:

Luke, Jasper, Khol and Amber have been friends since they could remember, and now on their 13th birthday they were going to find out their place in the clan. Would they all be dragons? Or will they be dragonlords? What happens if it’s mixed? Can their friendship survive these new changes?

4. What’s next for you?

This will lead into the Dragon Legacies and we’ll see the kids grow up and handle life in their new roles.

5. Links:

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