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Dracos YA Anthology Author Megan Grooms Interview

Introduce Yourself: My name is Megan Grooms. I live in Florida with my family. I substitute teach for our local district and write whenever I can. I mostly write Young Adult, with many sub genres, such as romance, modern fairy tale retellings, and fantasy.

Why dragons: I have always loved dragons. The mythology of them and the magic of them. There is so much you can do with dragons, powers they could have, if they turn into people or not, if they are known by everyone in the world or if they are hidden. There is so much potential.

Story Blurb: Liam has worked his entire life to become a knight. He passed all his tests with ease, now he is on his last quest, his first solo quest without his sponsor. He must find a dragon and kill it. There are not many left so Liam is excited to find one, there is even a princess that he can save. He is sure that once this quest is finished, he will have everything he’s ever wanted.

Chusi was living the best life possible. She was trapped in the small castle, put there by her parents and unable to leave because of the dragon. She didn’t mind however. She enjoyed laying out in the sun, and curling up with a good book at night. Her parents even visited her some nights when the dragon was sleeping.

Then Liam came and tried to ‘save’ her. She didn’t need saving, and Liam needed to learn a thing or to about being a true knight.

What’s next for you: I am finishing the final book in my Fayhaven Trilogy, and I’m working on some exclusive short stories for the Literary Love Savannah conference that I am attending in July.


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