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Dracos YA Anthology Author Clarissa Gosling Interview

  • Introduce yourself

Clarissa has always lived more in the world of daydream and fiction than in reality. In her writing, she explores purpose and belonging across worlds. Having never found her own portal to faeryland, she is resigned to writing about fantastical worlds instead.

She now lives in the Netherlands with her family, where she writes as much as they will let her. When not reading or writing, she drinks too much tea and has a burgeoning obsession with Bundt cakes.

Clarissa is the author of the "Dragons of Kaitstud" and "Lost Princess of Starlight" YA fantasy series, and the "Expat Life" series of non-fiction guides for families moving, and living, abroad.

She is an admin for the 365 Writing Challenge, an international writing support group that supports writers to build the habit of writing. And she is one of the co-hosts of the Reading Queens podcast, which discusses mainly young adult fantasy books and their major tropes.

  • Why dragons? I love dragons, and always have. I grew up reading the Dragon riders of Pern stories. So when I started writing it was a natural choice to write my own dragon story.

  • Story blurb: Birgith has spent all her life wanting to meet her dragon family. Now she's found their secret valley and met them, her brothers hate her. Will she be able to show them the value of her time among the humans outside their valley, or will they ostracise her further? And how can they ever work together to rescue their brother?

  • What’s next for you? I'm currently alternating releases in two series. Fae Secrets, book 2 in the Lost Princess of Starlight series, releases in April. Dragon Queen, the final book in the Dragons of Kaitstud series, releases in October.

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