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Derby Pie and Fond Memories by September North

Hello everyone and welcome to my stop on the YA Sci-fi & Fantasy Addicts Blog Tour!

Below are the links to navigate the tour.

12 Days of Christmas

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Day 7 – A Christmas Playlist to Read To

Day 7 Bonus - Christmas Traditions + Favorite Holiday Reads

Day 8 - Tamales and Books!

Day 9 - Winter Book Review: Wicked Lovely

Day 10 - Derby Pie and Fond Memories

Day 11 - Mistletoe Myths & Stories

Day 12 - A Soul as Cold as Frost Review + Coffee Recipe

Day 12 Bonus - Tea Pairings & Winter-Themed Books

Wrap-Up - All the Stocking Stuffers + Big Giveaway

Derby Pie might not be what you expect when you think of holiday gatherings and desserts. It is one of my favorite holiday desserts for one main reason, my name was on the pie pans. The glass ones that held the names of all of the children belonging to Debbie and Greg, my foster parents. I didn't even know my mom (Debbie) did that until we were putting the pies together. I didn't know anything about Derby Pie until we were putting the pies together. I don't know how many pies we made or how many people have it still, but I want one. LOL. I want one from that year because the older I get, the more special it becomes as I realize with each year how long I have been a part of a family that chose me to remain a part of it even when I tried to push them away.

One of the reasons I have a lot of blended families in my YA is because I am a part of a blended family. I know my biological parents. I've known my mother my whole life and met my father well into my adulthood. I love them both. Still, there was a critical time in my life when I was not with my biological relatives. I was with an amazing family that treated me like I was born into their family anyway. There is no way to put into words what they mean to me or how much of an impact they had and continue to have on my life.

So, if you dare, you can attempt a very rich dessert this holiday season! If you click on the word enjoy, you will be taken to my Amazon Music Gift Wrapping Playlist. The second portion you can cut out and add to your recipe file.

Digital Stocking Stuffer: You can download the PDF below the images.

Playlist Link and Pie Recipe Download
Download PDF • 61KB

Check out Written in the Stars, a limited edition YA series starter for my books Drum and The Rooster where you learn how easy and complicated life is when your friends are also your family.

Thanks to YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Addicts for hosting the blog hop! Check out their reviews, sneak previews, cover reveals, book lists, quizzes, giveaways, and more on their site with link below. Continue with the 12 Days of Bookish Christmas YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog Hop with the links to author websites below for cool content & giveaways! Click over to their blogs for the hop. Even though we have dates listed all posts are up for your enjoyment.

Nov. 30 Kickoff @ YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Addicts

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