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Music sets the mood in a room. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons evokes strikingly different emotions from a listener than Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. Dark Magic’s Playlist was created as a melting pot of emotions, lyrics, and themes that appear throughout the novel. The link to the Playlist is included below, but let’s dive into a few of the songs that I’ve listened to on repeat while writing and re-writing Primrose’s story,

“Dancing With The Devil” by Demi Lovato

Not only is ‘the Devil’ present in Dark Magic and the song lyrics, but “Dancing With The Devil” confronts the out-of-control spiral caused by drug addiction. While Primrose does not struggle with alcohol or drugs in her story, Lucifer’s escape certainly sends her life into a downward spiral. I think of this song as playing in the background with a camera zooming in on the New York City skyline before following Primrose on foot as she walks the streets.

“Belladonna” by Ava Max

Besides being a song name, “Belladonna” is a poisonous plant that is deadly to humans. The dark themes of this melody, combined with the warning in the lyrics, fit Primrose’s character like a glove. As the Goddess of Death, she considers her presence toxic to the people surrounding her and typically keeps to herself for that reason.

“Somebody’s Watching Me” by Hidden Citizens

I listen to this “Somebody’s Watching Me” whenever I visualize a trailer of Dark Magic in my head. The instrumental component sends me on an emotional rollercoaster that does justice to the emotional turmoil of the plotline. Additionally, there’s a scene in the book where Primrose acknowledges that she’s constantly being watched and carefully inspected for weakness by the enemies who covet her power.

“Legendary” by Welshly Arms

Play this song right before the major battle between Primrose and the Demon Twins (Satan and Abaddon) in Chapter 32: The Goat and the Snake. “Legendary” is very inspirational and a song I’d imagine the protagonist would listen to before an epic battle.

“Secrets” by OneRepublic

The lyrics of “Secrets” especially seem relevant in the second half of Dark Magic. Out of context, including this song in the Playlist might not make sense at first glance. Primrose is an extremely secretive and distrustful deity; however, she opens up to the new friends she makes throughout her journey.

Tune in to listen to the rest of Dark Magic’s Playlist on Spotify.

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