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5 Awesome YA Sci-Fi Covers! An article by September North

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Hello and welcome to my stop on the hop! This article will be updated and ready for the Hop on 1 March 2022!

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YA Sci-Fi Spotlight

Now, for the covers...

Let me start by saying I am not a graphic artist, cover designer, etc. I am an author and a reader and I have my opinions about these things like everyone else. With that said, sci-fi is one of those genres in general that we see a variety of covers that do so much work to convey the genre and give a glimpse into the author's world.

These are not all of the covers I think are amazing, but they are some to get you started!

  1. MK Mancos Mark the Stars. First, blue is my second favorite color. Second, what a bad-ass young adult image that tells you this is a battle story.

Plus, MK and I are writing partners, so I am totally bias and admit that.

Nexis by AL Davroe is another great cover because you get a glimpse into the landscape this character lives in. Due to the posture, attire, and subtitle, you already know the politics in this place are not for the weak at heart.

Also, AL attends Literary Love Savannah reader convention every year so again, I'm a bit biased.

So I am cheating with the image from S. Breaker, but the purpose of that is so you can see the series connection between the three books. The covers evolve and yet key elements are there so it has that feel of being one. This is really important for any series. It's more than font, the images have to let the reader know this is the next step or this is a step in this series.

E.V. Everest gives us an immediate overwhelming and otherworldly feel with this cover for Seven crowns. The blues and purples are both soothing and alarming in some ways. You don't know if you want to tell this character, run into that light or turn around, now! You'd have to read the blurb to know which, so hopefully you'll do that.

And here you see a sci-fi on Earth and this romance is out of this world and in NYC. It's the sky, city, water combo that really stands out to me.

So, now that I have shared a handful of my favorite YA sci-fi covers, what are some of yours?

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