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10 tips on how to kick-start your blog writing!

1. Make a bucket list of some sort (example: food to try 1.The Irish Pub, 2. Guinness Chocolate Cake, 3. Mangoes ...)

2. Pre-write (example: The Irish Pub) Write what you know about the place and why you want to go.

3. Experience/Take Notes: (example: The Irish Pub) Be sure to take pictures of the pub, the food, the menu, and anything else that may be interesting to you. Have a notebook or type into your phone what you experience (if you are with other people, invite them to participate, if alone-get into the details and tune into all of your senses).

4. Post-write: (example: The Irish Pub) Give yourself a day to let the pre-writing and experience notes settle, then do a comparison.

5. After you have compared your expectations to reality, you are ready to make a recommendation, so plan what you will tell others about The Irish Pub.

6. Share your draft with a trusted person and ask for input.

7. Review input, if any, and then decide what photos you will use to accompany your words.

8. Draft a blog post and try out the various layouts with your photos and written content.

9. If it is a positive review of a place or product be sure to let the creators, owners, or merchants know you are posting it. They may also share your work when it comes out.

10. Schedule your post and start talking about it on Social Media (Example: Be sure to check out my post on Friday to learn why everyone needs to eat at The Irish Pub.)

Now it's time to take the next item on the list and do it all over again!

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