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Storyteller by Dave Grohl: Review by Tonya Nagle, PhD

Okay, so this is not a fair and unbiased review. If you read my September North YA Drummond Series then you know there are a few bands, Foo Fighters among them, that my characters adore. Music they use to communicate with. So when I saw Storyteller by Dave Grohl, I had to get it because I wanted to know how accurate some of my musician-inspired influence is on my characters.

First, I was amazed at how right I was in some aspects. Second, I learned even more which will make the edits on my Gen 2 Drummonds a bit richer. Thanks, Dave!

Third, it is always good to grab a non-fiction read about a topic you write fiction around because you get, even if somewhat edited for content, a more realistic view of that "life" and the people living it.

In true storyteller fashion, the book is somewhat in order, but somewhat not. It may start off with one moment of time, take you back to a prior memory or experience, then whip you forward to the very moment you started with. If you are writing non-fiction, you may or may not be able to get away with this technique, but he does this multiple times in this book, so if it is something you are trying to figure out, this will help.

Additionally, if you have serious situations mixed in with typical life, combined with fun and adventure, then you can learn from the balance this book brings to those events. It would have been very easy for him to have left the reader high or low, but there was always a nice...balance with the stories that moved you from one section to the next without feeling like you were on an emotional rollercoaster even when the content was very much conveying the ride he was on.

Again, these reviews are about what you can take from it as research as a writer more than if I enjoyed a book. However, it's Dave Grohl, so...yeah, I enjoyed this book!

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